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My goodness, the ups and downs of life and developing a business have sure been keeping me busy especially during this very stressful time.  It is so important to keep the animals we love safe and healthy, and I am working to make it easier for you by doing the leg work and researching the products and the companies before I offer them. You will find updates and information on new products, and other interesting holistic health information in this blog.

The Mission for The Shoppe, as a Specialty Shoppe, is to bring you a carefully curated selection of high quality, all-natural supplements, treats, and care products for horses and dogs.  This means that the focus is not only on the products but also the small businesses producing these products.  So, let’s start off with introductions to the companies that we work with; and future posts will be dedicated to each company individually, to give you more information on these amazing companies and focus on specific products.

Beet-E-Bites Horse Treats.  These yummy horse treats were originally formulated for IR/Cushing’s horses, but they are good for all horses.  The Beet-E-Bites company produces safe, low sugar, and low starch horse treats.  They use only soaked and rinsed non-GMO beet pulp, human grade organic flaxseed, soybean hulls, organic alfalfa meal, cold-pressed soybean oil and all natural flavoring oils.  All testing of products is done at Equi-Analytical laboratories.

BioStar for Horses & Dogs.  BioStar produces Whole Food Supplements for Your Horse and Dog's Optimal Health.  Their formulas provide whole food, raw, dehydrated, wheat-free, soy-free, organic and non-GMO options for your horses and dogs.  All their products are made of ingredients formulated with the whole body in mind. 

Green Horse Organics.  All-natural care products made for your equine companion.  Green Horse Organics uses only the highest quality natural, wild crafted, fair trade and organic ingredients.  These wonderful care products include skin balm, mane and tail detangler, hoof oil, and more.  With the creation of Heaven & Earth Skincare, an organic skincare line handcrafted for you, the Green Horse Organics company now brings pure organic botanicals handcrafted for both you and your horse.

HARVEST Soap.  HARVEST has a special relationship with soil—it’s where their soap begins.  Working with non-GMO and organic plant oils means every ingredient is an opportunity to make a simple clean that works for human, hound, horse, home, farm, fleet, facility.  HARVEST follows the EPA Green Chemistry Initiative for the development of safer products.  They do random finished product EPA registered lab testing to prove NO detectable glyphosate and NONE of the 44 pesticides are present in their soaps.

Kevin Bacon Horse Care.  This amazing product is produced in Belgium and is a family run business that has been handcrafting, since 1984.  This signature hoof dressing formula is a 100% natural laurel ointment that provides all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the hoof.  

StableFeed Chia+.  StableFeed believes that SUPER HORSES NEED SUPER FOOD.  StableFeed’s chia + superfood supplements focus on functional foods imbued with nutraceutical (health giving) properties.  All their products provide horses with a quality, digestible protein, 19 of 22 amino acids and a 3/1 balance of Omega 3’s to 6’s while keeping the ESC and Starch levels below 9, making them ideal for all horses. 

T.H.E. Equine Edge and T.H.E. Canine Edge.  T.H.E. formulates supplements for horses and dogs.  All their formulas use Nitric Oxide Pathways technology and contain natural ingredients (protein, vitamins, amino acids, herbs and minerals) of the highest quality.  In addition to T.H.E. Equine Edge and T.H.E. Canine Edge formulas, this company also produces the Healthy Horse supplements that we carry here in The Shoppe.

Willow’s Spoon Dog Treats.  Willow's Spoon's Philosophy on Dog nutrition in a word: Simple.  These dog treats are created with 100% human grade ingredients, sourced and made in the USA.  Grain-free, gluten-free, and no preservatives.  A delicious reward for your dog! 

I hope you have found this information about the amazing companies we work with useful in making your selections with confidence.  I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Happy Tails!

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