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Hi All!  I hope everyone has been having a fun and adventurous summer!

For the remainder of August we are celebrating summer with Buy 1 Get 1 Free on our Beet-E-Bites Horse Treats and Pawduke Dog Treats.  Use code BOGOTREATS at checkout to join us in this tasty summer celebration.

I am very pleased to be able to work with Beet-E-Bites and Pawduke, and to carry their amazing products in The Shoppe!  They are both small, family-owned and run companies that are committed to producing the highest quality products, that not only taste good but are good for your horses and dogs too.  

Beet-E-Bites Horse Treats are a delicious, low sugar, low starch horse treat that were developed with the needs of Cushing’s, Insulin Resistant, EMS, EPSM, and other carbohydrate sensitive horses in mind.  Beet-E-Bites are made from the finest ingredients which include soaked and rinsed NON-GMO beet pulp, human grade organic flaxseed, soybean hulls, organic alfalfa meal, cold-pressed soybean oil and all natural flavoring oils.  Beet-E-Bites contain NO added sugar, molasses, oats, corn, artificial colors or preservatives.  The folks at Beet-E-Bites bake batches to order so they are fresh every time, and they are baked very low and slow so the nutrients are preserved.    

Beet-E-Bites are ideal to treat ALL horses!

Pawduke All Natural Dog Treats are wheat-free, corn-free, soy-free and vegetarian.  There are also grain-free flavors available, so you are sure to find a healthy and tasty treat to suit your dog’s needs.  Additionally, these treats have no salt, sugar, preservatives, chemicals, dyes, or animal by-products.  These treats are produced in a certified human-grade bakery, to ensure only the best ingredients go into each treat.  Plus the crispy crunch helps to promote teeth cleaning and tarter control.  The Pawduke crew bakes in small batches to make sure you are getting the freshest product.  There is no guesswork involved in reading their label.  What you see is what you get, simple human quality ingredients you would find in your own kitchen that work to improve your dog’s overall health and appearance.  

Healthy and tasty - Yum!

And of course these have been taste tested and approved by Hansi and Beau!


Don't forget use code BOGOTREATS at checkout.


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